About us

Welcome to Paco’s Leather online shop.

This website was created with the purpose of having the many regular customers of the stall in Piccadilly market able to make purchases of our high quality, genuine leather products from all over the world.

Call me Paco. It’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember. I have been in charge of the stall for several years. Operating in this vibrant central location has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I am proud of the quality of workmanship that I sell.

My stall is a little adventure in the heart of London. It is run by one person, surrounded by wonderful people. I choose the products myself, handpicking only the highest quality items that I would want for myself or my family. Leather is my life, and your satisfaction is my promise.







I do welcome your suggestions. 


call me 0772 3 22 2828