what leather wallet is perfect for a man

Small leather briefcase

Purse Colours is sociologically calculated that 60% of men love some color from the blue range, there are gentlemen who like long wallets with many compartments and spaces for cards, most adult men like the practicality of a wallet that has Wallet and card space, the less bulky the better, young people go from having … Read more

Picadillo? Piccadilly? 2019 the truth is out there!!

Piccadilly is the place, Piccadilly is in Central London, and the name comes from a business based in pickadills or piccadills. The place that now is Piccadilly circus, that used to be the road to Reading o the way to Colnbrook. in the 16th Century a gentleman called Robert Baker made a fortune selling pickadills, … Read more

Free thing to do this week of April 2019

London is not cheap, but has free things!!! nothing is free, but some concerts in St James church Piccadilly are free!!! by the way is the place where Piccadilly market is located. This next Friday 12th of April 2019, at 1.10 pm there is going to be a free concert by Angelina Kopyrina piano, she … Read more

Black leather bag, the perfect bag for 2019!!!!

Sometimes, I wonder which leather bag is the best, the best seller, the best quality, the best size, the highest ROI, basics, simple math, the truth said it is difficult. One starter point is the colour of the bag, there are three colours that are the easiest to combine black, brown or tan and navy … Read more

Small Gem that is great for a long visit

This little market in the heart of Central London, has existed since the eighties, in the church of St James in Piccadilly road. This 2019 the timetable is a it comes: Monday food market 10 to 4 pm Tuesday food market 10 to 4 pm Wednesday arts and crafts market 10 to 6 pm Thursday … Read more

And at the end I am here!!

Facebook Instagram Welcome to Paco´s Leather. Leather bag and accessories specialist, well reputed for its suede and soft leathers. The stall offers a range of leather products for all occasions: practical, fashionable and professional. We have from bags, belts, purses and wallets to passport holders, key rings and card holders. The stall has been in … Read more