Black leather bag, the perfect bag for 2019!!!!

black leather bag

Sometimes, I wonder which leather bag is the best, the best seller, the best quality, the best size, the highest ROI, basics, simple math, the truth said it is difficult.

One starter point is the colour of the bag, there are three colours that are the easiest to combine black, brown or tan and navy colour. Myself, Black colour, not my cup of tea, but without doubt the best seller colours are on the top the black leather bags, then tan, then navy, and finally reds, any wine red.

Usually, what makes the genuine leather, very good bags, it is durability. It is a must. A good leather has to last, it has to age with glamour, the older it get the better look has to have. but to do that a trick of the trade, once a year use a leather cream with a clothe spread a thin layer around the bag evenly. As it will dry earlier in some areas that other if it is not done properly, not the end of the day.

On the other hand another important point for the ladies bag to be perfect is the size. Many will say the bigger the better. The truth every one down sizes. Every woman that comes to the stall looking for big bags is for a specific purpose use. Lets say for work, for shopping for the gym. the real leather will handle all the use and uses. In general, all girl or woman when they buy for going out they do buy a small black bag, that is it. easy to combine and carry the minimum minimorum, nothing extra. and that black clutch it is not the perfect but close. In the image I have one perfect example, that tiny bag that is always there in your room around a loyal little bag that is always there.

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