Free thing to do this week of April 2019


London is not cheap, but has free things!!! nothing is free, but some concerts in St James church Piccadilly are free!!! by the way is the place where Piccadilly market is located.

This next Friday 12th of April 2019, at 1.10 pm there is going to be a free concert by Angelina Kopyrina piano, she will play Bach and Beethoven. The place for the concert is the church and believe me not the truth is the set up is fantastic as the shape of the church is perfect for a concert, made by Sir Christopher Wren.

After the Great Fire of London Sir Wren was the main architect to rebuilt London, St Paul cathedral is the most famous but he actually made nearly over hundred different churches.

Actually, it is every Friday almost every week of the year, but this one I believe to be a bit more interesting. And the free thing to do is the main point.

So there it is a free thing to do this Friday in Central London. Do not hesitate to ask for anything about this area, as i am sure i could research online and in person, if it sounds interesting enough.

Enjoy, and have a great day

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