Little secret place in the side of the St James Church. Must come to enjoy it, this 2019.

Paco on the stairs going to the secret garden

there is a hidden little garden only one entry, only one exit It is located inside of the yard of St James church, and for locals is a proper sanctuary.

And I mean it. It is next to the busy Piccadilly, on one side, and next to a busy shopping street Jermyn Street.

Because the only one way entry or exit, it is not easy to think it has a delightful garden, it is so deceiving that even some locals have never been there.

It is small but nice, it has that feeling of tranquility that is very refreshing. Right next to the St James church there is a small building that has a cafe Nero inside.

The coffee shop has a lot of tables with chairs, perfect spot in summer to enjoy a coffee, and maybe a cake.

In the main part of the church yard is on Monday and Tuesday is the food market, any office worker that is worth their salt and pepper should know that the place has the garden to enjoy the food.

From Wednesday to Saturday it is the arts and crafts market (Paco´s Leather too 🙂 )

There are some free concerts at the lunch time, some are good some are great. It is a question of hitting the jack pot. So again recommendation to come around and try.

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