Small Gem that is great for a long visit

This little market in the heart of Central London, has existed since the eighties, in the church of St James in Piccadilly road.

This 2019 the timetable is a it comes:

  • Monday food market 10 to 4 pm
  • Tuesday food market 10 to 4 pm
  • Wednesday arts and crafts market 10 to 6 pm
  • Thursday arts and crafts market 10 to 6 pm
  • Friday arts and crafts market 10 to 6 pm
  • Saturday arts and crafts market 10 to 6 pm

During the week the St James church has quite a few activities free concerts at the lunch time, quite often they are of quality and even though free a donation is always very well come as the proceedings go to the maintenance of the church. Usually the concerts are done Monday Wednesday and Friday at around 13:00.

Even though there are free concerts in the church , in the market on and off we have buskers, depending basically on the weather when it is good weather is a nice touch for this lovely small place.

The food market has a selection of food stalls from all around my favorite is the Turkish kebab made with feta cheese, actually the meat kebab they have is almost as good. for sure the market of course Paella. the Vietnamese soups they have is also a delicious. The empanadas they have are also worth to mention they are as good as if you where in Argentina. The price is actually fantastic,thinking on coming to Central London and have a quick and healthy? then there is no better place to taste food from around the world.

During the rest of the week the market is arts and crafts, any thing you wish to find or think that should be in a market is here. Small and nice, that´s the definition. All the traders are easy going, if need to know an address if lost if you need something any trader in the market will talk to you nicely and help. the ambiance is relax, to come around and have a look and speak to the traders is by itself a pleasure.

In the back of the market there is a hidden garden, as you hear. it has only one entry from the market and has the fantastic good luck of having a gardener that loves her work and keeps the place in shape. It is a fantastic place to have a coffee, to sit down, to enjoy as it is a place o quiet in a busy place.

The Piccadilly market has stalls with good from all around the world and from different times too. there are goodies from Brazil to China, made in London, design in London and even made on the spot for you(as you hear but if you come you would see it).


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