So if the traders want to have a hot meal where do they go?


I am afraid that usually the question is simple the lunch box from home saves money and is always better, if you can cook. but what happen when you do not have the lunch box with you? or forgotten it on the top of the piano? or that day fancy something different.

The answer is complicated there is a Tesco meal deal is not that hot, the eateries on the area like Pret or Eat could do, but we are talking about traders. A bit of history back in the day i started in the Piccadilly market 2007 more or less I used to love sushi, and in Piccadilly road had the Japanese Center. No doubts, 5 minutes walk perfectly made sushi by Japanese chefs on the spot. the price was great and the quality fantastic . Then I do not know why,the Japanese Center move several times in the Piccadilly area and the prices move up with them, the further they went the raise in price went on. Or at least i felt it like that.

But there was no problem that has no solution. We discover Yoshino the Japanese restaurant whose chef make delicious sushi for a high price if you sit in the restaurant, but that great place had a take away that competed with the prices of any other high street retail shop and was mega delicious. Cheap and cheerful.

Another but again, sushi is cold, so in winter time what do you eat in the case of a missing lunch box? Well the answer is two places have maybe the best points to have me and other locals going. the main one in 2019 that is great is the lunch time in Benihana for seven pound you can get a perfectly done Donburi, Japanese rice with perfectly cooked beef, or for less than that a prawn rice with a sauce of choice. The other choice is to go to China Town, Won Kei, good price and quantity, properly cook and done on the spot. both places cheaper than any chain of fast food, and better taste.

So if you come around Piccadilly market and that day it is only the Arts and Crafts market, you have no excuse no lunch box and would like something for a good price. i told you some of them.

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