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Due to the Coronavirus there will be online only.for the time being thanks to the customers suport.

Great Quality

Fantastic prices

A lot of variety

What to choose

If it is either a bag for yourself or for someone you love this is the place. There are classic designs, new bold designs, double use bags, laptop bags, fantastic black leather bags, wallet for men and purses for women.


Due to corona virus at the moment we have stop trading in the market of Piccadilly.
we are mainly aiming to supply from the web.

What we offer

We offer the best price for the best quality bags, design in the UK the majority of them, the ones that every one likes at least are my design my own decision on sizes and qualities.

Trust Paco's Leather. We have the best Wallets and Handbags in London.

We have our permanent Stall at Piccadilly Market. Sadly the market is closed for health reasons, for your protection and ours we have stop trading until the situation is stable. thanks for the understanding. One of the most charming markets in London. It is a small and lovely market that has been open since 1980´s. This market is very close to the Royal Academy as it is  an absolute joy and enjoyment this place is a stunning hidden place. I, Paco Lacasa, work here four days a week and would not say it is a hidden gem of London, i would say it is close to be a hidden treasure.